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Asialing PPR Pipe
Asialing PPR Pipe
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PPR (Polypropylene Random)

The raw material used is polypropylene pipes and fittings type 3 random copolymer (PP - R type 3).

Polyproplene is a type of plastic that has the best quality and have the properties of sterile and has been shown to be used on kitchen supplies, baby supplies, food industry, automotive industry / electronica, industrial chemicals, and others - others. then this material is dipiplih to produce pipes and fittings ATP TORO 25 / ASIALING / Wavin Tigris GREEN

Standard quality, specification pipes and fittings ATP TORO 25 / ASIALING / Wavin Tigris GREEN

- Pipe PN - PN 10 and - 20 The standard is DIN 8077-8078 and ISO 9001: 2000

- Fitting PN 25 The standard is DIN 16 962 and ISO 9001: 2000

To use only one type of pipe fitting which is fitting PN - 25. In standard plastic pipe, fittings used its standard should be higher than the pipe.

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